Here at A-Venture we have a passion to help people get to where they want to go. By listening to the advice of industry professionals, we work to ensure that apprentices are engaged in ways that will lead to future success. If you are a young person looking to start your career or a business looking to hire an apprentice, we are here to help.

Companies that support and advise us:

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Understanding that diversity plays a vital role in the media industry workforce, A-venture aims to make apprenticeship positions accessible to all. Specifically, A-venture hopes to resolve issues posed by geographical limitations which many young people living outside of London face in finding work. By running Content Marketing and Social Media Outsource Centres in rural locations, a number of apprentices are given the chance to work closer to home, mirroring the remote movement of the industry itself. Communication takes place via Skype, Google Hangout and WhatsApp.

By the same token, we recognize that some businesses and organisations face financial limitations in bringing apprentices in given the costs. In these cases, A-venture will work to accommodate part-time apprentices by finding two employers for the apprentice.